Explore The City Of Dubai In A Whole Different Way!

The weather in Dubai is taking a turn and it a great time to be outdoors. Since this year has been a big disappointment for people who love to be outside, this could be your chance to finally enjoy some outdoor time.

The launch of e-scooters across five areas in Dubai has been announced by the Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The five areas are Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and Jumeirah Lake in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Internet City, Al Rigga in Deira and 2nd December Street in Satwa.

These five specific areas are selected according to some criteria which are private developments, population density, the current availability of public transport, high traffic safety records and infrastructure. The RTA is basically testing e-scooters in these five areas, if it is a success, more areas around Dubai will have these very soon!

Rules and regulations that a user must follow are:

  • The helmet must be worn at all times
  • User should be 14 years or older in age
  • Traffic laws are to followed by the user
  • The e-scooter has to be parked in allotted parking spots.
  • Users cannot wear headphones, earplugs, earphones or any such thing.
  • User cannot carry anything that is heavy or will cause an imbalance.

The rental price is yet to be revealed, but this thing is a must-try. Riding on an e-scooter can help you explore the city of Dubai in a whole new manner. This could be a perfect adventure for a Friday morning. Ask some of your friends and family to ride with you. After riding around you could maybe stop at your favourite food joints and have a nice meal there. This could be just like a picnic, so do try this!


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