Enjoy Specially Curated Ramadan Boxes By Elfabshop

Ramadan is the time of the year where we love to spend time with family. Hence to make your Ramadan happier and tastier, Elfabshop has carefully put together an assortment of premium chilled and frozen lamb, and frozen poultry items to help customers spend less time in queues at supermarkets and more time at home with loved ones this Ramadan.

Get the perfect mix of all essential lamb and poultry products delivered at your doorstep: a choice of 2 Ramadan Special Boxes for customers at different prices and different protein needs. Hence, the pre-selected Ramadan Special Small Box consists of 1 kg of Chilled Lamb Shortloin, 1.2 kg of Chilled Lamb Rack Standard, and 1 kg of Frozen Chicken Mince.

The Ramadan Special Small Box is available at a discounted price of AED 128 for a limited time. The pre-selected Ramadan Special Large Box consists of a Frozen Beef T-Bone Steak at 900 grams, 3 kgs of Chilled Lamb Leg Boneless, 1 kg of Chilled Lamb Rack CFO, 2 kgs of Frozen Chicken Thigh, and 500 grams of Frozen Chicken Lollipops.

The Ramadan Special Large Box is available at a discounted price of AED 298 for a limited time. All items are individually wrapped in vacuum-sealed packs and delivered in temperature-controlled vehicles. Delivery is available across the UAE.

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