Do These 5 things To Make You Feel Better

We’ve all gone through times when no matter what we do, the day just keeps getting harder. Struggles are different for each one, but it all unusually leads to a sad state of mind. When we feel lonely or defeated or sad or overwhelmed or withdrawn or angry or all of the above. It’s okay to have those days and it’s okay to get in those moods. But it’s not okay to be stuck there for a long time.

So to make those days a little bit better, here are some suggestions!

1. Talk to someone

Pick up the phone and call whoever you think will have something new to say. Try and pick out someone who talks a lot, so you don’t fall short of things to discuss. If calling seems like too much, drop a message!

2. Eat What Makes You Happy

If you’re following any diet plan, it’s okay to cheat once in a while. We won’t tell anyone, promise! So cook up a storm, or order in or just head out, and treat yourself to the food that makes your soul go ‘mmmmmm’ with each bite.

3. Get Moving

Go for a walk, a run, a drive, a bike ride or anything else that’s your thing. Just get up, get dressed and get moving!

4. Retail Therapy

No this does not mean you buy unnecessary expensive products or services with credit or your hard-earned savings. This means that if there is something you wanted to buy or something that’ll give you joy, go for it! Life is all about these little moments that make you happy.

5. Cut The Clutter

Organise your work desk or clear up the clothes pile on the chair or clean your bathroom or anything else that needs fixing but does not take too much time. Once you’re done, you will feel so much in control of the things around that it’ll be a step forward in making you feel like you can do anything!


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