Connect With Nature At SEVA Table, Dubai’s First Plant Based Café

Whatever you think about vegan food, it is for sure better for your health, and vegan food that’s packed with flavor, nutrients and no nasties.  Having opened its doors in 2014, and recently rebranded, SEVA Table, offers just that and more.

It is tucked away in a majestic garden in Jumeirah 1, SEVA Table serves beautiful and satisfying plates of food and carefully crafted drinks that impress both the eye and the palate. You could try the Mystic Mushroom drink which contains power antioxidants, or the Beauty Potion drink made from the “he shou wu” traditional Taoist herb that promotes longevity, and hibiscus which is a natural form of botox!

The Eggless Omelette made from gram flour is a best seller, along with the Black Hummus, which is activated with charcoal. The Snickers Pie is another must try that is packed with so much goodness, not guilt.

SEVA works with the organic local farms to get the best non-GMO plant-based food onto its tables. The café’s library is packed with brilliant books and SEVA Table encourages you to savor the beautiful sanctuary that it is. There is also no WIFI there; connecting at SEVA means with each other, not logging on! Disconnect with the world to connect with yourself!

The café and garden’s layout takes care of all hygiene guidelines like socially distancing, wearing a mask, but in recent times there are additional precautions such as sanitizer and limited table time. SEVA also serves Kangen water, which is an electronically reduced hydrogen rich drinking water, as well as to cleanse and cook its produce.

The SEVA experience focuses on healing your soul, through series of guided meditations, workshops and conscious food that’s good for your body and soul!

Villa 5/1B, Street 27B, Jumeirah 1
Jumeirah Beach Road (behind Magrudy’s Bookstore & Jumeirah Centre)
Dubai, UAE
+971 56 534 2899


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