Changes To DXB Airport For Eid Al Adha You Need To Know Before Travelling

The long-awaited four-day weekend for Eid al-Adha is here, and if you’re anything like most people, you’ll be dashing out of the office at 5 pm today to catch your flight. But before you head to Dubai International Airport (DXB) between June 14th and June 18th, here are some important updates you must be informed of.

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1. Strict Entry Restrictions Into Terminal For Non-Passengers

During peak travel periods, only passengers with valid tickets will be allowed inside the terminal. Airport authorities have advised travellers to say their goodbyes at home. We all know it’s a sweet gesture to drop your friends and family off at the airport and sometimes even help them/ keep them company during check-in. However, this Eid, the airport is restricting access to the arrivals forecourts of Terminals 1 and 3 to public transport and authorized airport vehicles only. So, plan accordingly to avoid any last-minute surprises.

2. Special Arrangements For Hajj Pilgrims

For those embarking on the Hajj pilgrimage, DXB has set up a special private corridor. With dedicated check-in counters, passport control, and departure gates, pilgrims can avoid the peak travel rush. Airlines operating Hajj flights arranged for these special departure gates months in advance. For instance, certain airlines will have their own designated terminals and areas: Terminal 3, area 3 for some, Terminal 1, area 6 for Saudi Airlines, and Terminal 1, area 4 for Flynas. Over 6,200 Hajj pilgrims will depart from the UAE, with 4,600 flying out of DXB. Additionally, more than 100,000 expatriate pilgrims will pass through DXB, adhering to the quotas and procedures set by their home countries.

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Pro Travel Tips For A Smooth Journey

To ensure your travel experience is as smooth as possible, here are some handy tips:

  • Emirates Passengers: Utilize the airline’s home check-in, early check-in, and self-check-in facilities, including city check-in options.
  • Arrive Early: Passengers flying with other airlines should aim to arrive no earlier than three hours before their flight. Use online check-in where possible to save time.
  • Know Your Baggage Allowance: Familiarize yourself with your airline’s baggage policies to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Be Prepared at Security: Place metal items like watches, jewelry, phones, coins, and belts in your hand luggage. Follow guidelines for liquids, aerosols, and gels.
  • Use Smart Gates: Families with children over 12 can speed up passport control by using Smart Gates.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest travel regulations for your destination and ensure you have all necessary documents ready.
  • Organize Your Documents: Have your travel documents and weighed luggage ready to avoid surprises at the airport.
  • Pack Smart: Remember to pack spare batteries and power banks in your hand luggage.
  • Take the Metro: Use the Dubai Metro to travel to and from the airport and between Terminals 1 and 3 to avoid road congestion.

With these tips and updates, you’re all set for a hassle-free travel experience. Enjoy your Eid al-Adha holiday and safe travels!

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