BREAKING: Dubai To Introduce 2 New Salik Toll Gates On These Key Roads

This news definitely comes as a shock to all of us. But seeing in line with Dubai’s massive influx of new residents, traffic these days has been unbearable. So, in a strategic move to enhance Dubai’s traffic management, Salik is set to introduce two new toll gates. Positioned on these 2 key routes – the Business Bay Crossing on Al Khail Road and Al Safa South on Sheikh Zayed Road – aims to streamline traffic flow and alleviate congestion. Here are all the details you need to know.

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Targeted Locations For Enhanced Efficiency

The selection of these locations stems from meticulous traffic movement studies conducted by RTA. The chosen spots, Business Bay Crossing and Al Safa South, have been identified to be prime areas where the toll gates will play a crucial role in optimising traffic dynamics. The RTA’s exhaustive analysis ensures that the new gates will be instrumental in easing the commute for Dubai residents.

Operational By November 2024

The countdown has begun! Both toll gates are projected to be fully operational by November 2024. This targeted timeline underlines Salik’s commitment to promptly implementing solutions that will positively impact daily commuting experiences.

But Will You Be Charged Double Under The Al Safa Gate?

The Al Safa South Gate, strategically positioned between Al Meydan Street and Umm Al Sheif Street, is designed to complement the existing Al Safa gate (“Al Safa North”). accordingly, commuters passing through both gates within one hour in the same direction will only be charged once. This integration showcases Salik’s dedication to providing a seamless and cost-effective toll system.

Salik’s Expansion To 10 Gates

With the addition of Business Bay Crossing and Al Safa South, Salik is poised to increase its network to a total of 10 toll gates across Dubai. This expansion signifies a step towards creating a more efficient and accessible road infrastructure.

Anticipated Impact On Key Routes

Salik’s Business Bay Crossing gate aims for a 12-15% congestion improvement on Al Khail Road, a 10-16% volume reduction on Al Rabat Street, and traffic redistribution. Al Safa South Gate targets a 15% reduction in right-turn traffic from Sheikh Zayed Road, optimizing flow on key arteries like Financial Centre and First Al Khail.

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