All About The Events Of The 3 Day BITS Pilani Sports Festival

Credits: Instagram

On the historic day of 21 st November 2021, the flag was hoisted high up in the air, and with the whistleblowing inauguration ceremony, the 18th Edition of BITS Sports Festival began its 5 days journey of thrill, emotions, rush, and course talent.

The army of different sportspersons began their metaphoric war on the grounds of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. 11 fields and courts roared up with the hoots of the audience seeing their supporting teams competing in 11 different sports. The glamour of the trophies and medals gave the players no chance to skip to an inch less from perfection.

While some teams are knocked out in their first matches, others are gearing up their levels to the semi-finals and finals. Nevertheless, none is considered as a losing team in BSF. The symbolic idea lies behind defining the idea of a true sportsman. The current frequency of all teams demands a miraculous opinion of who is going to entitle themselves as the overall champion of the 18th Edition of the BITS Sports Festival.

The aura surrounding the sporty energies couldn’t resent the souls of many. None of the fields and courts could observe a single minute of comfort since the audience couldn’t help jumping out cheering their favourite teams. Considering this, a special mention to the Squad of BSF for ensuring the adequate practice of covid guidelines.

What can be a better stress buster than a joyful game? The live events subtly shared the trend of engaging the audience in the games like pani puri eating competition, brain freeze competition, etc., while the food stalls refuelled the energy with their variety of food and drink items.

The eye-catching exhibition match between the students of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus took the limelight and defined how losing a match can be a win. The positivity of the spirits around charged up the underlying emotions of every individual and marked the success of the first three days of the 18th BITS Sports Festival. However, the battle for final trophies and the overall championship trophy is not over yet. Stay tuned for updates on the final results

-Saideep Kukreja