All About Netflix’s Period Drama: Bridgerton

Period dramas have the power to take you to a different world. Everything from the clothes and language reminds us of a fairytale time. Such a drama worth watching on Netflix is Bridgerton. It is about eight siblings of the Bridgerton family, who struggle to find love. This series is based on the Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn. Since there are eight siblings, this series of books also has eight instalments. The first book is about the eldest daughter of them all Daphne. She comes of age and as the culture says, men and women who come of age should attend balls and dance with their suitors. Watch the trailer below:

Daphne starts to attend balls and grabs attention from a lot of men. But she has her eyes on someone who doesn’t like her at first, The Duke Of Hastings. Hence the story starts, and soon innocent Daphne realizes how bumpy the road of love and marriage is. But in the end, love wins them all. It is a much watch series if you are a fan of period dramas! The gowns and dresses the women wear are just eye-catching. The portrayal of emotions, the characters are something that adds to the beauty of the show.

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