Al Suhub Rest Area Has Reopened For The Public

Credit: Twitter@KhorfakkanAmph

The Cloud Lounge Is Back In Business! Khor Fakkan’s Al Suhub Rest Area aka The Cloud Lounge had closed its doors on July 27 because of unstable weather conditions. Heavy rains lashed several areas in the UAE last week, including Khor Fakkan and forced authorities to close down many roads, transport and tourist spots for the safety of the people.

As the Cloud Lounge is a mountain-side rest stop towering 600 meters above sea level, we think it was a wise choice. Authorities have now deemed it safe and thus, the Cloud Lounge has reopened.

A 5.63-kilometre road winds up to the rest house and offers a panoramic view of the coastal city of Khor Fakkan and thus, makes this place such a tourist magnet.

Key roads have opened up and passenger transport services from Sharjah to Fujairah and Kalba have also resumed. The weather is subdued now but authorities have asked everyone to remain cautious, take utmost care and avoid valleys, landslides and flooded areas.

Drivers have been asked to stay away from valleys and dams as several parts of the UAE witness heavy to moderate rainfall.