5 Ways To Feel Productive While You Relax!

If you’re in a constant state of getting things done, kicking back and relaxing can be very difficult. Especially if it leaves you with a feeling of unproductiveness and a feeling of wasting time.

There are several relaxing activities that you can do, that will make you feel productive and fresh, here are five of those.

1. Go for a walk!

Heading out in the open for a walk is the most underrated relaxing activities. It calms your mind, makes you feel fresh and you come back home energised.

2. Meditate

If you’ve never done this before, start a short 5 or 10 minutes guided meditation video on YouTube or on any app that you might have. Begin the meditation and don’t worry if your thoughts don’t stop, keep your eye closed till the end of the meditation. This is sure to leave you relaxed and with a sense of completeness.

3. Read a book

Even if you’re not a book worm, just give it a try. Even audiobooks work just fine. Let the story in the book create a pause in your reality and you come back with a slightly different perspective each time you read.

4. Draw or paint 

You don’t have to be an artist. Pick up the pencil or brush and let the creativity take over. No matter how good or bad the end result looks, it will make you feel relaxed and fulfilled at the same time.

5. Move your body!

Yes, this is a list of relaxing activities and a well-shaken body is a healthy body in which a mind  An easily relax. Whether it is exercising in your living room, or hitting the gym, or going swimming or dancing, any of these activities are good enough. Have a go at any of them and see the change for yourself.


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