5 Outer Space Related Shows On NETFLIX To Binge During The Coming Weekend

If you want to take a break from 2020 and virtually get out of this planet, we don’t blame you! In fact, we’re here to help! Here’s our list of Five Outer Space Related Shows On NETFLIX To Binge During The Coming Weekend:

1. Lost In Space

This is a show surrounding the Robinson family that is literally lost in space. This family is super smart, easily lovable and extremely entertaining to watch. This one works for a solo binge as well as every member of the family watching together binge.

2. Star Trek Discovery 

Who doesn’t love Star Trek? In this show, a war has started between the Klingon Empire and the Federation after a long era of quiet. In the middle of this storm is a disgraced star fleet officer.

3. Another Life

Alien presence is now on the earth and humans are now in space trying to track down its source. Get on this quest with Nico Breckinridge and be amazed by this brilliantly made show.

4. Salvation

Our beloved earth is in grave danger, again! Now it’s up to an MIT grad student and a tech billionaire to work together and possibly save the world from a massive asteroid.

5. Night Flyers

The humans are at risk. A telepath and bunch of scientists head out on a space ship head out into the unknown. Their journey and their ship is all about the hidden secrets that slowly reveal 


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