5 Online Mobile Games You Can Play With Your Family

With the Coronavirus lockdown, we’re forced to stay at home now more than ever. You can cook and work and enjoy time with your family, but you gotta get creative now. The restrictions aren’t going to be lifted anytime soon, so we might as well make the best out of a bad situation.

To keep things exciting, we have a few mobile games that you can enjoy with your family. So sit back and let us take you into a world of fun –

1. Ludo

The current popular friends/family game is definitely Ludo. There are plenty of applications available that allow 4/6 player Ludo games. It’s pretty much entertainment packed up for the entire fam.

2. Draw Something

Pretty much the online version of Pictionary. There are also multiple versions of the game available online and you can download whichever you prefer.

3. Words With Friends

Launched years ago, but this online game is gaining momentum now because of the lockdown. It is basically an online version of scrabble.

4. Houseparty

An interactive video calling experience for up to 10 people. The Houseparty app allows games and interactive widgets within the app so that people can video chat and enjoy.

5. Psych!

If you think you can make up stories like no other, Psych! Is for you! You can outwit your friends by creating fake answers to absolutely random questions.


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