4 Life Changing​ Reasons To Watch NETFLIX’s The Social Dilemma Right Now!

If you’ve ever been on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Gmail or any other social media platform, this one is for you. It is a documentary where people behind the scenes at Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. talk freely about the dark side that social media users are completely unaware of.

Here are 4 life changing reasons to watch NETFLIX’s The Social Dilemma right now!

1. The Speakers

The speakers in the documentary include executives and department runners who have not only worked for the first hand at these social media companies but also contributed towards building the world of the internet that we see today. From one of the creators of the ‘like’ button on Facebook to an early team member at Instagram to an employee responsible for designing Gmail, they all speak their truth.

2. The Information!

They spill all the insider information and it is shocking. The vast amounts of data they collect and the algorithm that’s sole purpose is to keep us scrolling and the way these social media platforms slowly but surely affect the way each of us thinks and makes decisions is truly terrifying.

3. The Impact

When all these truths come out, the major and minor impacts of these companies in our lives is undeniable. Especially on the kids and the teens, who have no idea how a world without these platforms would look like. With the domino effect, these platforms impact every single person on the planet without even their awareness.

4. The Hope

This documentary shows you the doomed humanity is headed towards, but also shows ways to be saved from it. From talking about financial aspects such as taxing the data collection, storage and distribution, to ways in which we can all limit our screen times. It’s bad, but it can be better if we all just try!


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