4 Greta Gerwig Women Centric Movies That Are A Must Watch

Greta Gerwig is Hollywood’s darling for the right reasons. She can act and she can make movies like no other. She depicts characters in a unique style, especially the female characters. While we’ve fangirled over several movies she has made and acted in, here are Greta Gerwig’s 4 women-centric movies that are a must-watch!

1. Lady Bird

The coming of age movie with its central character being a young girl trying to find her place in this mad world. This movie has won several awards and all of our hearts.

2. Little Women

One of the few cases where the movie is better than the book! The story is beautiful and the cast is stunning, comprising of Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet and many others.


3. 20th Century Women

Even though the central character in this movie is a boy, it has several strong women characters driving the narrative and making it a must-watch!

4. Frances – Ha

Its about a woman in New York, trying to fulfil her dreams. It’s in black and white. And it’s a wonderful unmissable movie.


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