3 Ways To Deal With The Monotony Of Life

Staying home all day and literally doing everything inside has sucked the joy out of everything. Many people claim that they no longer enjoy their work, family time or as a matter of fact nothing. Everything and everyday has become monotonous and so plain. So here are a few easy ways for you to deal with the current monotony of life.

Set Small Yet Achievable Goals: 

You could set small weakly or monthly goals, like finish reading a particular book or trying out a new recipe for that matter. Anything which is small yet satisfying. This will give your a reward like feeling and motivate and add excitement. “Walk somewhere different, go to a different supermarket, sit in a different spot in your living room, organize your day differently, switch some video calls to old fashioned phone calls, pick up one item in the supermarket you don’t normally buy,” psychologist Wendy Shooter says. “If you want to shake it up a bit more, commit to a different exercise regime for January, or a new eating regime.”

Positive Self Talk: 

Start and end your day with positive self talk. Motivate and encourage yourself that you will do an amazing job the whole day. At the end of the day give your self some credit and congratulate yourself for doing a good job.

Take Some ‘ME’ Time:

Everyday or every once in a while take out some time for yourself. Paint your nails, give yourself a new hairstyle, do some skincare or anything you like. If you have a hobby make sure to practice that. Usually the end of the day is the best time to take ‘ME’ time.


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