3 Things To Keep In Mind After Covid-19 Pandemic Is Over

Covid-19 pandemic is something which are affected the whole world. But, 2020 is about to get over and scientists around the world guarantee the cure for this pandemic in the early months of 2021. Do you think the moment the vaccine is out there will be no masking, no social distancing and no other precautions? There are so many things that people have to be careful about.

Testing should be made more frequent:

“Several folks in the epidemiology and public health community … have argued for the widespread distribution of rapid antigen tests,” said Joseph Comber a professor at Villanova University who specializes in public health and immunization.

“Ideally these tests would be cheap and able to be performed every day in the home before someone goes to work, to school, etc.,” he continued. “Even if these tests aren’t perfect, if an individual tests positive they can isolate at home and avoid transmitting the virus to others. This is especially important, since there is a significant portion of spread driven by asymptomatic individuals. Widespread use of rapid test can drive down spread and infection rate in communities.”

Masks should be mandatory:

“While masks aren’t perfect and 100% effective at preventing infection, they are a protective measure that protects both the person wearing the mask and others within the vicinity,” said Daniel. B. Fagbuyi an emergency room physician in Washington, DC.. “This is especially important given everything we are learning about transmission of the virus and that airborne transmission does occur.”

“What’s more, masks are one of the most straightforward and easy protective measures that anyone within a community can take,” Fagbuyi continued. “There is no real downside to wearing a mask. Of course, mask mandates must come with continual reminders of safe and effective hygiene practices like washing hands.”

The long term effects of Covid-19 need to be understood better:

Many people claim that eve after testing negative for Covid-19, they still suffer from after effects. Surprisingly, these after effects are different for different people, common after effects are are hair loss, low immunity, tiredness, low stamina, etc. Doctors and the medical community should try and figure out ways to minimize these effects.


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