12 UAE Traffic Fines Defined For Vehicle Related Violations

Vehicles are highly valued in the UAE. But these come with responsibilities as a vehicle owner and a citizen. Abiding by all the required traffic laws is very important for the safety of oneself and the others.

In the UAE, there are various rules that control car use, with fines and black points assigned for significant offenses. Unnecessary honks and loud car radio has some repercussions. Some infractions are severe enough to necessitate car confiscation. The 12 listed fines for the violations caused are :

  1. Using the horn or the vehicle radio in a disturbing way: Dh400 fine, 4 black points
  2. Using a mobile phone or being distracted by anything while driving: Dh800 fine, 4 black points
  3. Allowing children aged under 10 or shorter than 145cm to sit in the front seat of a vehicle: Dh400 fine
  4. Not fixing child seats for children aged under 4 in the vehicle: Dh400 fine
  5. Driver or any of the passengers not fastening the seat belt: Dh400 fine, 4 black points
  6. Driving a vehicle that does not comply with the security and safety measures: Dh500 fine
  7. Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicles without permission: Dh500 fine
  8. Exceeding the permitted percentage of tinting: Dh1,500 fine
  9. Modifying the vehicle’s engine or the chassis without permission: Dh1,000; 12 black points and 30-day vehicle confiscation
  10. Driving with expired tyres: Dh500 fine, 4 black points, 7-day vehicle confiscation
  11. If the lights of the vehicle are not working: Dh400 fine, 6 black points
  12. Changing vehicle’s colour without permission: Dh800 fine