100 Free Vegan Meals Are Been Given This Saturday

Going vegan is not only good for you but also for the environment. Take the example of recent events only, the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus is an animal virus, introduced to the human population through animal markets. Similarly, influenza A viruses are bird viruses that encountered humans through poultry farming. Getting animals off our collective plate would go a long way toward preventing future pandemics. Yalla Veggie has partnered with Million Dollar Vegan and Sentient media, to give away 100 meals for free at the Ripe Market- Time Square Center on (Saturday) September 11. 

Million Dollar Vegan (Meal sponsor): Million Dollar Vegan is a non-profit campaign seeking to introduce people to the benefits of a plant-based diet – for their health, the environment, sustainability and animals.

Sentient Media (Media Partner): Sentient Media is a nonprofit journalism organization that seeks to create transparency around the role of animals in our daily lives—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects.

Yalla Veggie (Event Partner): Yalla Veggie, a startup headquartered in Dubai, is the answer to a sustainable online marketplace for supermarkets, restaurants, pet shops & other ethical businesses in the Middle East. Yalla Veggie is aiming to inspire and convert more people away from the consumption of animal products through education and by making more vegan and vegetarian options readily visible and available.

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