Would You Buy This Chanel Airpods Case Which Is Double The Price Of Airpods?

Luxury brands always come up with the weirdest things. Like an aeroplane bag by Louis Vuitton, a ridiculously expensive kurta by Gucci, Prada’s sweater with holes, and so much more! And since all of them are luxury brands, all their products are expensive as hell. But this time, Chanel has done something extraordinary.

Chanel is selling an AirPods case which is more expensive than actual AirPods! Airpods approximately retail for about $160 and this case retails for $2675. These cases are available in two colours, black and off white. As per their site, it is made up of, “Metal, Resin, Glass Pearls, Lambskin & StrassGold, Black, Pearly White & Crystal.” Would you consider buying this?

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