Typical Indian Parents Things: Washington Sundar’s Father Is Not Pleased Because He Didn’t Get A ‘100’

Indian parents always wants the best for their child. Getting a 95 plus score on everything is such an Indian thing. But parents should understand this that every time getting a ‘100’ is not everything. Such a thing happened with Washington Sundar, he scored 62 runs and not to mention the amazing no-look six. Entire India was proud with Sundar’s performance but someone (obviously) was not.

His Dad quoted, “I am disappointed he did not get a 100. When Siraj came, he should have hit fours and sixes. He is capable of that. He should have gone for sixes. He could have gone for pulls and big hits. Perhaps, he thought of trying to come close to Australia’s total as the lead was very less.”

Indian parents literally have to chill, people on twitter obviously have something to say:


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