Twitter User Makes Hilarious Comparisons Between FRIENDS Characters & Millennial Social Media

FRIENDS is an iconic TV show that is everyone’s favourite even after decades. The six friends that make us laugh and make us forget about the worries of the world are now more needed than ever! 

A twitter user, @dumbasstha (Aastha) has come up with a hilarious thread. This thread compares our beloved characters from FRIENDS to their currently relevant app versions. We love this thread because it is both, accurate and supremely funny!

Here is how it goes…

1. Chandler as Twitter!

Chandler knows how to use words and say a lot with just a few short sentences. With his sarcasm and witty choice of words, he has to be Twitter!

2. Rachel as Instagram!

Her fashion choices were so ahead of its times, that they are still trending. And who can forget the whole Rachel haircut wave that swept the whole world!
3. Monica as Pinterest!

She is irritatingly organised, neat, loves pretty things and lives for the food. If she were an app, she would undoubtedly be Pinterest.

4. Ross as Wikipedia!

This one pretty much explains itself, just like how Ross pretty much explains everything. He seems to know it all, about it all and doesn’t shy away from telling the world about it.
5. Phoebe as Spotify!

“Smelly Cat” would have given Spotify a whole new meaning. Phoebe is incomplete without her guitar and the unique songs she chose to write and sing with the same three chords.

6. Joey as Tinder!

The pre-Tinder version of Tinder is Joey’s “How you doing?”. If tinder was a thing when FRIENDS aired, Joey would have been its top user.

The twitter user also compared a few other recurring characters from FRIENDS to their app versions: Gunther as Starbucks, Janice as Facebook and Mike as WhatsApp.

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