TikTok Joins The Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online

To reduce wildlife trafficking online across the world, TikTok has joined the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online (established in 2018 by WWF, TRAFFIC and IFAW). This announcement complies with TikTok’s main goal which is; to provide and maintain a supportive environment that enables the TikTok community to focus on what matters to them; being creative, finding community, and having fun.

TikTok’s Community Guidelines already makes it clear that any content that depicts or promotes the poaching or illegal trade of wildlife is not allowed on the platform. And since November, TikTok’s teams proactively removed 85.3% of this kind of content before it received a single view. The Advertising Policy also makes it clear that we prohibit the advertising of protected animal species, parts, or products derived from protected animals.

Giavanna Grein, Senior Program Officer, TRAFFIC at WWF said: “The scale of wildlife trafficking online is very challenging to quantify given its illegal nature, but we know that online platforms like TikTok are essential to the solution. Since the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online’s outset, the 39 participating companies have blocked or removed 4 million prohibited wildlife listings. We’re looking forward to working alongside TikTok and helping mobilize its millions of users to creatively prevent this illegal trade from growing on the platform.”

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