This Husband Gives Her Wife A Performance Review Rated Over 18 Parameters, Like Meals & Entertainment

Well we all remember that one teacher or supervisor who was strict about everything and took things too far. So here is an example of such an evaluator, a 39 year old Christopher Stares graded his wife’s all year performance based on 18 parameters.

The couple went out for a light and breezy Christmas lunch and right at that moment, Christopher handed his wife Sophie, a two page performance review of Sophie for the year 2020. “For me it was a lovely festive lunch with my husband before it gets busy with Christmas, for him it was apparently my works Christmas do with my ‘employer’ complete with an annual review I told him I’m happy for him to call himself that, if he’s willing to give me a pay rise and a Christmas bonus … he told me it’s 2020 and I’m lucky to still be employed at all!!”, said Sophie.

Credits: Facebook/ Sophie Stares
Credits: Facebook/ Sophie Stares

The 18 parameters in the review were punctuality, attitude, accepts criticism, enthusiasm, job knowledge, work quality, conflict resolution, cooperation, meals, family entertainment, evening entertainment, organizational skills, housewife duties, inventory, availability and dependability.

“We’ve been together 18 years next year, so I’m quite used to him doing things like that, and he’s joked about doing these reviews but I’ve always said, “don’t you dare do it”. I sat there and read through it at the table. I think he was wise to do it in a public place with people around so I laughed it off. Luckily I saw the humor in it. It’s Christmas”, Sophie added.


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