These Students Have Created An Electric Car Completely From Waste (Including Seat Cushions)

A bunch of Dutch students created an electric car named ‘Luca’ entirely made of plastic waste, household garbage and recycled bottles. The car is bright yellow in colour and has an amazing sporty look to it. It can reach up to a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour and 220 kilometers when it is fully charged. “This car is really special, because it’s made all out of waste”, said project manager Lisa van Etten.

“Our chassis is made out of flax and recycled PET bottles. For the interior we also used unsorted household waste”, said Van Etten. Luca was built and designed by a group of 22 students in almost 18 months. These plastics were collected from common objects like toys, kitchen appliances and televisions. The seat cushions are made from horse and coconut hairs.

 “We really hope that car companies will start using waste materials”, production team member Matthijs van Wijk said. “It’s possible in many applications. More and more companies use waste or bio based materials in the interior, we want to show that it’s also possible to build a chassis out of it.”

This is such a great initiative by these Dutch students. Plastic waste is abundantly available everywhere. Keep up the good work!


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