Sweet Lovers Now Get Paid For Tasting Candy & Chocolates

What do you imagine your dream job to be like? Something where you can just sit and eat all day, right? You must be thinking it is impossible, but no! A Candy company based in Ontario, Canada is looking for people who can taste chocolate and candies. The position is open for both full time and part time. Read their full post description below:

Credits: candyfunhouse.ca/

The basic qualifications that you should have for this job are, you should have a high school diploma, have good communication and writing skills, 18 years of older, passion for confectionary, you should be ready to eat candy for 8 hours, open to US and Canadian citizens only. If you meet all the above criteria, you can send your applications till 15th February, 2021. So are you ready to be a ‘Candyologist’.


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