Science Teacher Builds A Robot From Waste Materials

Imagine a robot that could talk in various languages, tell you weather reports, read horoscopes and so much more. Don’t just imagine, a science teacher from Mumbai, India has done it! Dinesh Patel, who is a Computer Science teacher at the Kendriya Vidyalaya in IIT Powai, has built a robot named ‘Shalu’ who can do the above-mentioned things!

Shalu is made up of waste materials like cardboard, plastic, aluminium, etc. The teacher bought all the materials from a local market near his house. The robot can even show common human emotions like anger, smile and shake hands. She can speak 38 foreign languages and 9 Indian languages. Dinesh Patel said, “Shalu can recognize people, display emotions, read a newspaper, recite recipes, and perform many other activities. This can be used as a teacher in schools and as a receptionist in offices too.”

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