Qantas Airlines Takes Travellers On A Majestic Flight To Enjoy The Supermoon On May 26th

A rare total lunar eclipse and supermoon will be witnessed by us on May 26th. This will be the last and final supermoon of this year. To highlight this celestial event, Qantas Airlines has come up with an exciting trip. A two-and-a-half-hour flight that will offer a spectacular view of the supermoon, along with which “supermoon cakes” and “cosmic cocktails” will be served.

If you are planning to book tickets for this exciting flight them let me tell you they were sold out just a couple of minutes after their release. This flight will take off from Sydney and will be almost 12,192 metres (40,000 feet), away from all kinds of pollution, just clouds and the supermoon. Since the supermoon and total lunar eclipse are happening together, it will be truly a majestic sight to see.

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