New Zealand Police Dance On Bollywood Songs To Celebrate Diwali

Credits: YouTube

Diwali is truly a time of wonder, Indians especially are beyond happy and excited, new clothes, playing cards with family and food gets us all riled up. But who knew that the spirit of Diwali would reach to the other side of the world? A group of police officers in New Zealand, performed a well choreographed dance on super hit Bollywood songs.

These officers danced to popular songs like ‘Ladki Kar Gayi Chul’ and ‘Kaala Chashma’ in front of a whole room of excited audience. They were on point when it came to doing the hook step of the song, ‘Kaala Chashma’. Well to be honest Bollywood songs do have the beats that don’t let you sit!

This dance of these New Zealand officers immediately went viral and Indians from all around the world absolutely love it. Many people retweeted it and posted amazing comments. Watch the video above to know what the hype is about!


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