Nepal & India Have An Entire Festival Dedicated To Dogs

Dogs are a gift to humanity. They are loyal, loving and an amazing friend. So there is no surprise that there is a whole festival for these cuddle buddies. This festival is called ‘Kukur Tihar’ and is celebrated around the Indian festival of lights, Diwali.

‘Kukur Tihar’ is originally a Nepali festival but it is celebrated in India as well. In this festival, people usually decorate their dogs with flowers and apply Tika (a red dot) on their head, offer them delicious treats. Its basically like a second birthday for them.

Tihar basically means a five day festival celebrated not only for Gods but also for animals. Animals like crows, cows and dog are worshipped and decorated for their loyalty and immense relationship with humans beings. These animals have been extremely useful to humans and still are. This is such an amazing festival to celebrate their friendship with human beings, we are truly blessed to have animals in our life.


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