Meet Tatsuo Horiuchi, An 80 Year Old Japanese Man Who Creates Art Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is mainly used for creating and storing list type data. It is used by students and office employees, but have a look at what this 80 year old Japanese man is using Microsoft Excel for. Tatsuo Horiuchi, an 80 year old Japanese man is using Microsoft Office for making paintings and he has been doing thee for 20 years now.

All this started when Tatsuo was about to retire, he always had the interest to try something new. At this moment he decided to paint but he didn’t want to spend money on art supplies so he used his PC. And to everyone’s surprise, he decided to use MS Excel.

Credits: zizzolizzo/ Instagram


Horiuchi’s artwork is mainly inspired from Japanese landscapes. After practicing Excel art for almost six years, Horiuchi applied for Excel Authoshape Art Contest and won the grand prize!


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