Meet Shuhei Okawara, A Japanese Man Who Makes Realistic Face Masks!

It is literally an introvert’s dream to hide their face in public so that no one can recognize them, hence to all introverts out there, Shuhei Okawara is your man. Shuhei Okawara, is a Japanese man who has expertise in creating hyper realistic faces masks. These masks have a face or a complete stranger, and no one will be able to recognize you if you wear it. Obviously, these masks are not to be worn against the virus, but they for sure will give you a different face altogether.

“Mask shops in Venice probably do not buy or sell faces. But that is something that’s likely to happen in fantasy stories,“ said Okawara. “I thought it would be fun to actually do that.”

Okawara has a popular accessory shop in Tokyo, where he sells all kinds of stuff related to parties and theater. Next year, his masks will be available at his shop for about 98,000 yen ($950) for one piece. Face mask made by Okawara, is based on a model’s face whom he chose from among a 100 applicants. All these applicants sent him their photos and he in turn chose the best one. His next project idea is to include foreign faces in his works.

“As is often the case with the customers of my shop, there are not so many people who buy (face masks) for specific purposes. Most see them as art pieces,” Okawara said.

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