Meet Shanta Verma, A Woman Who Became A Fashion Influencer At 76!

Recently, fashion related videos of a 76-year-old woman are going viral on Instagram. Her name is Shanta Verma her fashion sense is better than most millennials out there! Her grandchildren originally made a page for her husband by the name, ‘Gangsta Grandpa’ because he used to do a lot of funny things, but then they changed the name when Shanta said she could do better!

Her granddaughter shared her story saying, “I made this page for my grandfather because he used to do a lot of funny things. My cousins and I thought that it would be a great idea to put all of that online. However, as we started shooting his dance videos, Daadi would come and say that she can do it better. That’s when we changed the name.”

“Earlier, one did not have so many options in clothes. We wore basic sarees and suits. Now, there is a lot of variety and after last year’s video, I developed more interest and wanted to try out the latest fashion trends,” Daadi said.

“Whenever I shoot a video, she is always very curious to see how the final clip has come out to be and wants me to send it across to her daughter and relatives to get their reaction,” said Shanta’s granddaughter.

This is such an inspiring story, for all those people out there who are afraid to follow their passion, this article is for you!

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