Meet Jamie Nyland, A YouTuber Who Paid Off His Dad’s Entire Mortgage, So That He Could Retire Early

It is said that the relationship between a father and his son is like the relationship of two best friends, and best friends help each other when in need. Hence for today’s story, meet Jamie Nyland from Gloucestershire, a 24 year old YouTuber, who surprised his Dad (Richard) by paying off his entire mortgage so that he could retire early!

“I’ve just paid off your mortgage. I’ve just rung the bank and paid off every single penny left on your mortgage,” he said. When Richard asked so as to why he did it, Jamie said, “You now own this whole house. I swear. You’ve worked your whole life so now you can actually retire.”

Credits: The Sun

TRichard could not believe what had happened so he just kept saying ‘no’ when Jamie told him what he had done. Jamie even said that it is not a prank, it is the truth. Richard started to cry a bit as soon he realized the Jamie was saying the truth.

To all this Richard said, “You’re the best son in the world you can have.” “It’s in the will. The house is yours – what’s mine is yours. I love you so much. You paid off my mortgage, I’ve put you in my will. You retire me for life so I’ve set you up for life.”


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