Man Went For An Interview At A Pizza Place & Ended Up Looting It!

The world of bizarre news doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. It is growing as fast as the COVID 19 numbers. We do believe that its hard to stay indoors for a long time, but losing your mind and going crazy is not the option. So today in our world bizarre news we found a man in Pennsylvania who decided to rob a pizza place while he went there to apply for a job. Yes, you read that right, as crazy as it sounds it’s 100 percent true. 

According to Fox News, a 22-year-old young boy named Nicholas M. Mark who lived in Pennsylvania decided to apply for a job at a pizzeria. I mean you must be thinking what’s bizarre in that! So let us break this bubble for you. The young boy decided to rob the place while he was there applying and what’s even more strange is that he robed the place immediately after he handed over his application and CV, which had all his information. We don’t know what made him do that, but he robbed the tip jar which had about $220 and used a knife to threaten the staff. 

As this incident happened it was not a very tough task for the cops to track him down, as the restaurant had all the necessary information about him on the application form. But what helped even more for the cops is the bag that Mark left behind at the restaurant which had information about him and found syringes, razors and cotton swabs. He is now in custody and the restaurant employees identified him as well. This news blew our mind away. 


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