Man Almost Marries The Wrong Woman Because Google Maps Takes Him To The Wrong Venue

In an Indonesian village, two wedding parties, one wedding and one engagement were taking place. The groom that was supposed to be at the wedding party, entered the engagement party all thanks to google maps. Google maps took him to the wrong venue and hence he almost married the wrong woman. The groom’s side entered the venue and started to exchange gifts until they realized that they were at the wrong place.

“My family welcomed them and they proceeded to exchange gifts. They said they were led to the house by Google Maps,” said Ulfa, a 27-year-old woman whose engagement party was crashed. Ulfa was not aware that another man who thought was the groom had entered her party, she was at the back getting her makeup done. “I was shocked when I saw the man’s group as I did not know any of them,” she said.

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