Louis Vuitton Is Launching Face Shields With Gold Studs & It Costs $961

Luxury belts, watches, bags are to cliche now introducing the luxury high-end face shields. Face masks and face shields have become the new accessories for everyone. It’s like an important part of everyone’s dressing, as you cannot go anywhere without one of them. And as we expected, luxury brands would step in anytime soon in designing the same.

Louis Vuitton recently announced a press release launching an LV Shield which is described as ‘an eye-catching headpiece, Both stylish and protective’.

The high-end luxury face shield from Louis Vuitton is priced at $961, which will be made available from October 30th in all of its stores worldwide. It is a part of there new label’s 2021 Cruise collection. The LV shield transforms into luxury tinted visor when exposed to sun and can also be worn upward as a cap. The shield also includes gold studs engraved with the LV logo along with a monogrammed belt that goes around your head.

Would you spend a whopping $961 (AED 3517) on a face shield? Let us know in the comments below


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