Indian Guy Proposes To His Australian Girlfriend During 2nd ODI Match Between India and Australia

The question ‘Will you marry me?’, should be asked at the right moment always. Some people ask it at the place they first met, or at a place which is very special to the couple. But wait till you hear what happened at a cricket match between India and Australia.

During the match, an Indian guy got down on one knee and asked his Australian girlfriend to marry him. The match stopped for a moment since the commentators and a few former players Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist joined in from the commentator’s box. The crowd and the players were eagerly waiting for the girl’s response, everyone cheered and clapped when she said yes. Glen Maxwell was seen applauding from the field.

“I was surprised. I had no idea…was overwhelmed completely,” said Rose to an Australia-based radio station. Dipen said, “We have been thinking about it for about a year-and-half. I have been waiting for the right occasion. And I thought this was the right time. She was a bit nervous but I could not think of a better occasion.” Reports said that the couple was seeing each other since one and a half years and Dipen was waiting for the perfect occasion to do this.

Though India lost the match that day but at least it was a win for this guy! Congratulations Dipen and Rose!

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