Gucci Sells Inverted Sunglasses For A Whooping AED 2783!! WHAT??????

2020 has been a weird year with many bizarre news’s coming from all around the world. But when it comes to bizarre fashion, Gucci is the king. Gucci launched a type of leggings called ‘ripped leggings’. People laughed a lot on this, because this is something what everyone throws away. Every girl has a pair of ‘ripped leggings’ in her wardrobe simply because she has worn that particular piece of clothing several times.


But this time Gucci went one step ahead. Gucci is selling inverted cat eye sunglasses. Seriously Gucci? They literally just took normal sunglasses, redesigned them and inverted them. THAT’S IT! And you might be thinking that you’ll get these glasses for a good deal, but no. These so called ‘trendy’ glasses by Gucci cost a fortune, almost a whooping AED 2783 or $755. 2020 has gotten to Gucci as well.


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