Grandad Takes His Dog To The Sofa Store For Her Approval Before Buying A New One

This grandad and his dog Coco are inseparable. “Coco is the dog Grandpa never wanted but cannot live without,” said Dahl. “They are the best of friends that he never knew he needed.” From having amazing adventures to lounging around on the couch, this duo basically does everything together.

So it is not a surprise that when this grandad went sofa shopping, he took Coco along with him for her approval on the new sofa. “When grandma and grandpa moved, they [needed to buy] new furniture,” Dahl said. “Grandpa required that the footrest on his lounge chair was wide enough for him and Coco to sit side by side.” “He brought Coco into several stores to try out chairs until he found the perfect one,” Dahl said. “Coco was always greeted with a smile, as I am sure it’s not every day a man and his dog go furniture shopping!”

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