Glaciers All Around The World Are Melting At An Alarming Rate

Scientists say that glaciers on earth are melting faster than ever. They are now losing about 31% more ice and snow per year when compared to the rate in 2015. It is believed that climate change is causing this. Romain Hugonnet, a glaciologist at ETH Zurich and the University of Toulouse in France said Alaska’s melting rate is “among the highest on the planet”.

The stable glacier like the one in Tibet, has also started to melt at an alarming rate. Some glaciers in Iceland and Scandinavia have almost disappeared. “Ten years ago, we were saying that the glaciers are the indicator of climate change, but now actually they’ve become a memorial of the climate crisis,” said World Glacier Monitoring Service Director Michael Zemp.  “It’s becoming increasingly clear that sea-level rise is going to be a bigger and bigger problem as we move through the 21st century,” said National Snow and Ice Data Center Director Mark Serreze.

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