Girl Finds Her Doppelgänger Online, Turns Out To Be Her Twin Sister

A girl spotted her elder sister’s doppelgänger on Chinese social media and instantly informed her sister about it. Cheng Keke believed her younger sister and realised that the resemblance between her and this girl is uncanny. She then reached out to her only to find that she is her twin sister! The two women got became friends and released they have many other similarities as well, such as hobbies, interests and the same blood group.

Zhang and Cheng, the two doppelgängers then decided to investigate the matter further. Cheng’s mother admitted that she was adopted. Their mother confessed that they were in hard times when they had the twins and hence could not provide for both. Cheng’s family told them to go for a DNA test and it turned out they are twins indeed!

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