Everything You Need To Know About The Jebel Ali Explosion Last Night In Dubai

On Wednesday, July 7th, a container ship that was anchored at Dubai’s port caught fire. This caused a huge explosion and sent giant tremors across the UAE commercial area. Giant orange flames were seen all above the busiest port (Jebel Ali port) in the Middle East.   It was said to shake the walls and windows of houses up to 25 km away. People living in tall buildings filmed the fiery sky, the blast was so huge that it was even seen by a space satellite.


Thankfully, no immediate casualties were reported, about two and a half hours later Dubai’s civil defence team took control over the fire. The images and videos shared on social media showed ashes, debris and charred containers. The intensity of the blast proved the presence of a combustible substance. It is said that the fire started because one of the containers was holding a “flammable material.”

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