Dutch Man & Indian Woman Fall In Love After He Saves Her From Drowning

In February 2019, Nupur an Indian woman decided to travel to Goa for a yoga teaching session. She decided to go for a swim one day but didn’t know that the waves were going to be so strong. She swam further than usual and suddenly felt like the ocean was pulling her. It was then she saw Attila approaching her. He tried to save her but his force wasn’t enough against the tides.

He managed to spot a cluster of rocks, climb on them, and waved until the lifeguard saw him. Finally, the lifeguard saved her. On reaching the shore, Nupur saw that Attila was hurt on his fingers, thighs, and back. “My heart sank when I saw that because it just made me realize that what this man just did to help someone, to help me,” she said.

Credits: Instagram

Nupur tended to his wounds and fed him chocolate ice cream. In the evening on the same day, they met, talked, and took long walks on the beach. They decided to extend their stay and know each other a bit more. After a week both went back to their respective homes, Nupur to Kerala and Attila to the Netherlands. But they kept in touch through voice and video calls. After a month, Attila called her and said, “We should take this connection forward.”

Hence they decided to meet halfway in Dubai, but couldn’t because Nupur’s mother fell sick. After a couple of months, Attila suggested, “What about if I traveled out there, to be with you?” They visited the iconic Taj Mahal together and Attila asked her to be his girlfriend, Nupur agreed. After being a couple for almost a year, the two got married in March 2020!

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