Dubai Girl Cries At Dubai Expo Site After Marriage Proposal

Women always dream about the perfect proposal! Every girl wants to be treated like a princess and being proposed by the love of your life is like a dream come! Such was a day for a woman who was exploring the beautiful Expo 2020 site with her boyfriend and her day just took a very steep turn!

The couple was walking on the site where the woman suddenly noticed all her friends and family smiling at her. She was surprised to see so many known people around her, when she looked at her boyfriend, he was already on his knees with a ring! The best thing about the day was that it was her birthday!

She was quite surprised and taken aback at first, but then she said yes! Everybody around her was cheering and clapping, later in the above video she’s seen to be crying tears of joy! Aww, so cute! Public proposals are just the best!


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