Couple Handcuff Themselves Because They Break Up Often, Watch Video

Relationships are hard to maintain. You have to give your time, love and attention to your partner. While lives can be really overwhelming sometimes and it is easy to give up on your partner. But this Ukrainian couple did not want to. They used to break up with each other almost two to three times a week, so they decided to come up with a solution.

Viktoria Pustovitova, a 28-year-old beautician and her boyfriend Alexandr Kudlay, a 33-year-old online car salesman used to fight a lot which would eventually lead to a breakup. Kudlay explains, “We used to break up once or twice a week. During a fight, Kudlay came up with a solution and said: ‘Then I will attach you to myself.’”

Watch the video:

She said, “I decided it will be an interesting experience for me, that it will bring into my life new bright emotions which I did not experience before. I love him, so I decided to do it.” They decided to get handcuffed together, it has been a month now since they are handcuffed.  Kudlay said, “In terms of physical comfort, with every day passing, we are getting used to it more and more. It gets easier.” At the same time, they also admit that “some tension has come up” but they always end up finding new ways of dealing with such discords.

“Fights between us did not disappear, we still fight. But when we approach a dead end and there is no understanding between us, we simply stop talking instead of packing up our things and walking away,” Kudlay concluded.

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