Couple Gets Married At A Covid Center Because The Bride Tests Covid Positive

For the first couple of months of this year everything was cancelled. Then as the lockdown restrictions eased small to big, all kinds of events started to take place. From wearing masks in weddings to only inviting a limited number people to an event, we saw everything this year. But this couple in Rajasthan got married while wearing PPE kit!

At Kelwara Covid Center in Bara, Rajasthan, a couple got married while wearing PPE kits because the bride tested positive for coronavirus. The event followed all the government’s hygiene protocols. There was just one person along with the priest who attended the wedding, both of whom were wearing PPE kits.

In the above video, you can see that the couple is seated in the havn kund, the bride is wearing gloves and a face shield and all social distancing rules are being followed. 2020 has indeed been a bizarre year!


Credits: twitter/ ANI1



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