Cats And Dogs Are No Less When It Comes To Handling The Government!

A leader has a great role to play in the development of its subjects. A good leader means a good country or province, but let’s look at these candidates up for the post of a mayor in the Oakland, California. Before you read any further let me tell you that these candidates are not like any average candidates, they are beyond pawfect!

In a neighbourhood in Oakland, California, a cat named Wally ran unopposed for the post of mayor, but other pets soon announced that they are going to give a tough competition to Wally. Let’s look at some of these candidates

A 10-year-old cat named Betty has an amazing campaign sign whose slogan is ‘Change Meow’. Kritstyn Russell, Betty’s owner, said that she feels her cat seemed very mayoral and they definitely need a change in their neighbourhood. Hence the slogan ‘Change Meow’. Russell’s daughter says that Betty definitely has her vote. She claims that Betty is really good and she’ll crush the patriarchy.

Well, dogs are no less in this neighbourhood! An 11-year-old Shiba Inu whose name is Mimi is running with the slogan ‘She’ll bark when it matters’. Mimi claims to handle the position with at most care to reduce some anxiety of 2020. She also claims to keep the squirrels far away from the streets!

Credits: Canva

People in Oakland say that this is a fun way to reduce some stress and enjoy the elections as well. Many people came up with their campaign slogans and boards. If you walk around the neighbourhood you are likely to see boards and slogans in people’s yards and if you are very very lucky you might even meet a candidate whose is campaigning!


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