The Tokyo 2020 Olympic And Paralympic Games – Now Postponed To 2021

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, the world is gearing up to deal with its unprecedented impact. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic...

UAE Residents Called To Cheer & Clap In Their Balconies On 25th March

Due to self-isolation and quarantine period in Dubai, the noisy streets have become absolutely quiet. But according to a Facebook post,...

UAE Government Denies Rumours About Helicopters Spraying Disinfectants

Just like most countries across the globe, Dubai is also following strict self-quarantine rules and mostly working from home. Now the...

Over 11,000 Prisoners In Dubai Freed!

Due to the generous donations of philanthropists across UAE, over 11,000 prisoners in Dubai are being freed by the Dubai police. A collective debt...

Swim For Clean Seas At Jumeirah On 3rd April, 2020

In order to raise awareness regarding marine life and ocean resources, the third annual ‘Swim For Clean Seas’ event is set to be held...

The World’s LARGEST 3D MUSEUM Comes To Dubai

Dubai gets its first 3D Trick art museum and it is also claimed to be the largest 3D museum in the world. The attraction...

Where To Watch The NYE Fireworks In Dubai

If you’re planning to end the year with a show of fireworks in Dubai, let’s just say, you will be spoilt for choice this...


We at Gulfbuzz are very excited to announce that is live and running.            Yes,...

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In Pictures: The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation

On November 6, 1996, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation opened on the Majarrah Waterfront, in the historical heart of the city. In 1987, it...

Asteroid With A Diameter Longer Than Burj Khalifa Will Fly By Earth Next Week

Next week, an asteroid with a diameter larger than the Burj Khalifa will pass by Earth at its closest approach. The space rock, known as...

Flying HyperCar That Can Reach 220KPH Speed Will Be Tested In Dubai!

The Volar eVTOL flying car, which can travel at speeds of up to 220 kilometres per hour, will be tested in Dubai. The hypercar is...