BUSTED: 3 Common COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

The cure for the pandemic is here: vaccines. Till now about five to six vaccines are out. Most countries have two available, some three and some only one. But all vaccines are safe and well tested, hence whichever is available to you, you should go get it. Many people out there have heard myths about vaccines, so here are 3 common myths and the reality behind them:

Vaccines Have A Microchip In Them: 

Since Bill Gates gave a huge amount for vaccine production, many people claim that the vaccines have some kind of microchip in them to track the people. OH MY GOD! Well, this thing has been thoroughly researched because the myth spread too much, there is no chip in the vaccine that is being offered to you.

The Vaccine Was Rushed: 

Yes, the vaccine production and everything was done as fast as possible because the world’s economy was at stake. The people who made the vaccine say, they have completed certain steps simultaneously to speed up the process. The vaccine is as effective as any other vaccine in the world.

Vaccine Can Give You The Virus: 

The COVID-19 vaccine is made up of the virus’ mRNA, which means that the actual virus is not there in the vaccine but a copied instruction set of the virus’ DNA is there. This copied instruction set fades away from your body in like 24 hours but the antibodies stay. Hence you can’t get the virus because of the vaccine.

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