BIZZARE: Man Bymistakely Rips Off His Eyebrows While Removing His Charcoal Mask

Skincare is always awesome to do! Many people say it therapeutic and helps in reducing stress. It is common for people to experiment and try different products, but for some this can be the reason of something big. A man in Scotland, John Meechan, asked his wife Tracy Dougall to apply some of her blackhead peel off charcoal face mask on him, she refused, so he applied it himself.

“I asked Tracy to put one on and she said no so I thought, fine, I’ll do it myself,” said John. “She said everywhere except your eyes, so I put it everywhere except my eyes. How was I to know you weren’t meant to put it on your eyebrows and lips?” he said.


The package said to apply the mask everywhere except eyes and John took this instruction quite seriously. He applied it on his upper lips, beard and even his eyebrows. If you have never applied a peel off mask, it is actually very painful to remove, so it is actually very hard to imagine how he must have felt on his beard, upper lips and eyebrows.

As a result of this, he peeled off both his eyebrows. Tracy helped him remove the mask and she found this scenario quite funny so she recorded it all. In one such video,  “It’s actually waxing them I swear to God,” she is heard saying this.


“In the end, I had to wash the rest of with roasting hot water and nearly scalded myself. There’s a few hairs still left but not many. If this is what women have to go through to be beautiful, then I’ll stick with being ugly,” John said.

This does sound very painful and hard to remove. To everyone reading this article, please please research a little before applying anything to your face!


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